Size Chart


Sizing for prints are listed in inches and mm on each page and the "A" size they are closest to. 

All sizes listed on the site are for unframed prints. 


Print only

Framed and unmounted 

Framed and mounted

12"x8" / 305x203mm / ~A4

351mm x 229mm 421mm x 299mm

 18"x12" / 457x305mm / ~A3

503mm x 351mm 603mm x 451mm

 24"x16" / 609x406mm / ~A2

655mm x 452mm 775mm x 572mm
36"x24" / 914x609mm / ~A1
960mm x 655mm 1110mm x 805mm


If you need a print, framed or unframed, at a size that's not listed on the site, we can cater to custom requests so just get in touch and let us know.