Why I set up an action sports photo print website

Why I set up an action sports photo print website.

A stroke of luck...

About 6 months ago I won a prize draw and received a £100 voucher for Habitat. Initially, my best intentions told me I should use the voucher to get Christmas presents for family members. However, as I looked around the bare walls of my bedroom, I realised that I could really do with some pictures. As a mountain bike obsessive, it seemed obvious what those pictures should be.

Extreme sports prints, where are you?

I searched the internet high and low, hoping to find some of the work that I’d seen by the obscenely talented action sports photographers that I follow on instagram. Unfortunately I couldn’t find artistic framed pictures of bikers anywhere, other than graphic designs with naff quotes or trail maps.


So, I used that voucher to buy a frame for £50 from Habitat and reached out to a very talented young photographer that I had seen on Instagram called Blair Kemp (check out his collection here). He was more than happy to send me a high resolution version of a sick pan shot that he’d snapped of his friend Wes manualling into the sunset.

After significant faff, I had hung the photo (badly), and began thinking the whole process was a lot harder than it should have been and that is where the idea for Essence Print began!


Essence Print is born

Since that day I have built up a network of partner photographers, covering a variety of sports and styles, but all doing one thing very well.
These photographers have an amazing ability to encapsulate the magic, the passion and the essence of the things we love.
Whether that be capturing a big send, or the way that light shines through the forest, or a post session BBQ, Essence Print is here to bring a piece of the action into your home.